While viewing pictures of properties online can be entertaining, there's nothing quite like seeing your future home in person.  We don’t want you wasting your time searching multiple sites or driving around looking for open house signs. 

Instead, check out this list of open houses we’ve put together for you. 

If you would rather schedule a PRIVATE showing at your convenience on another date/time, please click here and we will set this up for you. 

Here is our weekly list of all the open houses in your area!

Saturday, 4/7/18

  http://buyhouston.com/property/12326-Brook-Cove-Drive/Cypress/Texas/77433/292-198335511 | 11am - 2pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902344162 | 2pm -4pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902179611 | 1pm - 3pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902292029 | 2pm - 4pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902374966 |10am - 4pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902193764 | 12pm - 2pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902204815 | 12pm - 3pm 

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902238697 | 1pm - 3pm 

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902313344 | 11am - 2pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902261292 | 3pm - 5pm 

Sunday, 4/8/18

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=906887843 | 10am - 2pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902399050 | 12pm -3pm 

 http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902475996 |1pm - 3pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902618407 | 1pm - 4pm

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902647346 | 12pm - 4pm 

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902712024 | 12pm - 2pm 

http://matrix.harmls.com/DE.asp?ID=902742859 | 12pm - 4pm